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Ikona wyboru Ground Power

Ground Power - to jedna z kategorii kart zdolności w Sonic Battle. Ground Power to specjalny atak, który można wykonać na ziemi. Aby wykonać ten ruch, naciśnij R


Kategorię "Ground Power" posiadają następujące karty:

Sonic Battle
Postacie Sonic the HedgehogMiles "Tails" ProwerKnuckles the EchidnaAmy RoseCream the RabbitCheeseShadow the HedgehogRouge the BatEmerlChaos GammaChaosDoktor EggmanE-121 PhiGuard Robo
Miejsca Emerald TownHoly SummitCentral CityNight BabylonGimme ShelterDeath Egg
Areny Emerald BeachTails' LabChao RuinsHoly SummitBattle HighwayClub RougeAmy's RoomLibraryMetal DepotDeath EggColosseumGreen Hill
Minigry Soniclash!Fly & GetMine HuntTreasure IslandSpeed Demon
Dash Skill Amy DashChaos DiveCream HopDash SkillDrive ModeKnuckles DashRouge GrindShadow DashSonic LeapTails HopUlt. Dash Skill
Jump Skill Amy JumpBoost JumpChaos JumpCream JumpJump SkillKnuckles JumpRouge FlightShadow JumpSonic JumpTails JumpUlt. Jump Skill
Air Action Air ActionAmy Double JumpChaos FlightCream BalletFlight ModeGrinder AttackRouge CatchShadow TeleportSonic BalletTails FlyUlt. Air Action
Guard Skill Amy GuardChao KnightChaos GuardGuard SkillGuard ModeKnuckles GuardRouge GuardShadow GuardSonic GuardTails GuardUlt. Gruad Skill
Heal Skill Amy HealChaos HealCream HealHeal SkillKnuckles HealRecovery ModeRouge HealShadow HealSonic HealTails HealUlt. Heal Skill
First Attack Chao ArchGirl JabIQ200 AttackKnuckles StraightRouge KickShadow ChopSolid KnuckleSonic PunchStretch ChaosUlt. 1st Attack1st Attack
Second Attack Chao WinderElastic ChaosElectric StabGirl StraightIQ300 AttackKnuckles ChopRouge Side KickShadow KickSonic KickUlt. 2nd Attack2nd Attack
Third Attack Chao SalomFlexible ChaosGirl UpperIQ400 AttackKnuckles UpperParalyze CutRouge SobatShadow Back KickTop KickUlt. 3rd Attack3rd Attack
Heavy Attack Chaos Double StabChaos NightmareChao TornadoCharlie KickElectric ShockGirl CrushHeavy AttackMagic HookMegaton HookSonic FlareUlt. Heavy Attack
Upper Attack Chao UpperChaos UpperEnrageGirl SwingMagic UpperSecret KickSonic Up DraftUlt. Upper AttackUpper ChaosUpper Electric ShockUpper Attack
Dash Attack Buster DrillChao DashChaos DolphinGirl BomberDash AttackDouble PunchSecret SpearShadow SliderTails CycloneUlt. Dash AttackWindmill
Air Attack Air AttackAir Electric ShockAgent EagleAir Girl CrushChao CircleChaos RocketKnuckles Air HookShadow RocketSonic RocketTyphoonUlt. Air Attack
Aim Attack Aim AttackAir KnuckleChao DunkChaos ImpactGirl DunkHoming CutterMeteor PunchShadow EagleSonic EagleTails DunkUlt. Aim Attack
Ground Shot Beauty ShockChao CannonChaos MagicChaos ShotDevastatorEnergy BallGround ShotPink TyphoonRock Free FallSonic WaveUlt. Ground Shot
Air Shot Air Beauty ShockAir Chao CannonAir Chaos MagicAir Chaos ShotAir DevastatorAir Energy BallAir ShotMeteor CrushAir Pink TyphoonSonic StormUlt. Air Shot??? (Knuckles)
Ground Power Amy ComboChao RushChaos BurstChaos ComboChaos CrushCream ComboDeep ImpactE-102 ComboFlickGirl TornadoGround PowerKnuckles ComboMeltdownRouge ComboShadow ComboSilent SizeSonic ComboSonic DriveTails ComboUlt. Ground Power
Air Power Air Chaos BurstAir Chaos CrushAir FlickAir Girl TornadoAir MeltdownAir PowerChao RevolutionMajor EruptionSonic MeteorSpiral DiveUlt. Air Power??? (Cream)??? (E-102)??? (Rouge)??? (Shadow)??? (Sonic)??? (Tails)
Ground Trap Bat CrackerBlinkerChaos SplashChu² BombCream CrackerGiftGround TrapMole BombRoaming ChaosSonic CrackerUlt. Ground Trap??? (Amy)??? (Chaos)
Air Trap Air Bat CrackerAir BlinkerAir Chaos SplashAir Chu² BombAir GiftAir Mole BombAir Roaming ChaosAir TrapCream Air CrackerSonic Air CrackerUlt. Air Trap
Fight Pose Amy StyleChaos StyleCream StyleE-102 StyleFight PoseKnuckles StyleRouge StyleShadow StyleSonic StyleTails StyleUlt. Fight Pose
Strength Support Strength Support 0Strength Support 1Strength Support 2Strength Support 3Strength Support 4Strength Support 5Strength Support 6Strength Support 7Strength Support 8Strength Support 9
Attack Support Attack Support 0Attack Support 1Attack Support 2Attack Support 3Attack Support 4Attack Support 5Attack Support 6Attack Support 7Attack Support 8Attack Support 9
Support of Others Acceleration Up Lv 1Acceleration Up Lv 2High Gravity Lv 1High Gravity Lv 2Low Gravity Lv 1Low Gravity Lv 2No SupportSpeed Up Lv 1Speed Up Lv 2Trounce Support
Karty koloru Amy Color (123) • Chaos Color (123) • Cream Color (123) • Emerl Color (123) • E-102 Color (123) • Knuckles Color (123) • Rouge Color (123) • Shadow Color (123) • Sonic Color (123) • Tails Color (123
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