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Ta piosenka jest wersją egipską. Jeśli chcesz znaleźć wersję rockową, znajdź "We're The Sonic Underground".

"Mummy Wrap" – piosenka grana w odcinku serialu Sonic Underground "Najbliższa mi mumia".

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We are Sonic, Sonic Underground


We're looking for a scroll that belonged to some Egyptians

It'd be no problemo if I could just read these weird inscriptions

We are Sonic, Sonic Underground


I can't spell sarcophagi, maybe I'm a dummy

But it's not every day I get to drum for dancin' mummies

We are Sonic, Sonic Underground


I'd rather not be down here if I really had my druthers

Especially with this prophet guy who looks just like my brother

We are Sonic, Sonic Underground


I am Hotep, you are hedgehogs, we know not each other

But Aman-Rapi smile on me if I help find queen mother

We are Sonic, Sonic Underground

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